Call for Participation to the 100 Hours of Astronomy Junior

25 February 2009

The 100 Hours of Astronomy cornerstone project (100HA) is a round-the-clock, worldwide event with 100 continuous hours of a wide range of public outreach activities including live web casts, observing events and more. 100HA will take place from 2-5 April when the Moon goes from first quarter to gibbous, good phases for early evening observing. 

To make the 100 Hours of Astronomy available to the youngest around the world, Universe Awareness (UNAWE) is teaming up with 100HA, and call upon you to participate.

Why a specific 100HA JUNIOR?

Most of the events are planned for a wide audience and the language used will often be unsuitable for very young children. We propose to connect astronomers and children on a one-to-one basis to ensure that the youngest (and often most enthusiastic) are given the attention they deserve.

How can I join?

First, join our 100HA JUNIOR Google Group email list on: 

If you are an astronomer (amateur or professional), please introduce yourself: Give your name, location, languages spoken, interest in astronomy, and availability between April 2 and 5, 2009. 

If you are a teacher or a parent, please introduce yourself or your school by giving your name, location, age of the children you wish to involve, language spoken and what you wish to get out of this event. Please be careful not to post any personal information about children, as this is a public forum. 

After that, read the other messages. You will probably find an astronomer or a school that you would like to organise something with. Just contact each other and take it from there! 

Always feel free to post the information in your own language - someone who understands it will be able to reply to you. If you are comfortable translating a conversation between an astronomer and children feel free to do so too.

What happens next?

You have found an astronomer, a school or a group of children you wish to share the 100HA astronomical experience with. Contact them individually by email to set a schedule together. Set a date at which you can bring the kids together and have a conversation with your astronomer. It does not need to be fancy - even a text chat can do. Half an hour is often a good length of time for such young kids. 

It can be interesting to talk to someone in a completely different time zone, such that your school day is your astronomer's observing night! 

If you wish to talk to more than one astronomer or more than one school, we encourage you to do so! 

Please let us know when you intend to chat. There will be a list of participants and of scheduled 100HA JUNIOR chats on the UNAWE website.

Can I get support?

Yes! The 100HA and UNAWE people are there to help you if you have any questions about how to get this to work. Post your questions to the Google group and we'll get you an answer.

More information:

Files are available on the Google Group to give you some advice on how to carry out such an event. These cover topics like ‘engaging young children' to ‘what to observe in the sky in April'. 

We will also prepare feedback and evaluation forms for you to fill in if you wish. This is not mandatory but would be highly appreciated. 

Meanwhile, feel free to look at the online UNAWE educational materials database for inspiration: 

Thank you, good luck and we look forward to seeing you on the 100HA JUNIOR Google group!

Carolina Ödman
UNAWE Project Manager

Terry Bridges 
100HA of Astronomy Online Coordinator    


Organisational Associates:

The International Year of Astronomy 2009 is endorsed by the United Nations and the International Council of Science.