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TWAN Newsletter

25 May 2010


News and Report

  • Photo Report: TWAN in Korea : The World at Night publications and traveling exhibits in South Korea during the International Year of Astronomy was one of the most successful programs.
  • The Story Behind Iguacu Starry Photos : In an interview on National Geographic website TWAN director Babak Tafreshi shares a short story of adventures and techniques behind the starry photos of Iguacu Falls in Brazil.
  • Photo Report: TWAN in Australia : During the IYA2009 TWAN events traveled from Sydney to Perth on both sides of Australia and it continues to seek venues and related events in 2010 and beyond.
  • Join TWAN fans on Facebook : Learn about the latest updates on the project and communicate with TWAN photographers at The World at Night page on Facebook page.
  • Visitors comments: New option on TWAN website for more interaction between the photographers and visitors. Write comments on TWAN Photos, ask questions, and share ideas. Find “comment” bottom below each photo.


Latest Photos and Videos

There are new stunning photos and time-lapse videos on TWAN website, featuring starry nights of the planet's landmarks from across the world.



Orion Rising over Grazing Cattle (time-lapse video) by Thad V`Soske
- Virtual Reality From Mauna Kea (VR) by Tunc Tezel
- Winter Milky Way over Death Valley by Wally Pacholka
- Lunar Rainbow and Unknown Event by Wally Pacholka


- Iguacu Falls at Night by Babak A. Tafreshi
- Starry Night in Paradise by Babak A. Tafreshi


- Fireball from 5000 Meters High by Stephane Guisard
- Milky Way Steaming Volcano by Stephane Guisard



Sky above Paul Gauguin by Laurent Laveder
- Sky Diffuser by Laurent Laveder
- Brittany Twilight by Laurent Laveder
- The Mother Galaxy by Laurent Laveder
- Milky Way vs. Zodiacal Light by Laurent Laveder
- All Sky View in Virtual Reality (VR) by Laurent Laveder


Our Closest Neighbor by Stefan Seip
- Planets in Her Hands by Stefan Seip
- Venus Meets Mercury by Stefan Seip
- All-Sky View above Germany by Stefan Seip


Capture the Celestial Beauty by P-M Heden
- Stars above Snow-covered Landscape by P-M Heden
- Orion and Fisher House by P-M Heden
- Iridium Flare above Sweden by P-M Heden
- Halo Around the Moon (time-lapse video) by P-M Heden
- Moving Aurora above Sweden (time-lapse video) by P-M Heden


- The World at Sunset by Anthony Ayiomamitis


Trailing Around the Pole by Tamas Ladanyi
- Winter Triangle and Windmill by Tamas Ladanyi
- Left From the War Under the Peaceful Sky by Tamas Ladanyi
- Moonrise above Volcanic Hills by Tamas Ladanyi
- Spring Night of Hungary by Tamas Ladanyi


Space Station Trails above Austria by Tamas Ladanyi



Sahara Night by Babak A. Tafreshi


South Africa
Southern Stars above Table Mountain by John Goldsmith
- Lights of Cape Town by John Goldsmith
- Starry Sky above SALT by John Goldsmith
- Orion from South Africa by John Goldsmith


Asia and Middle East

Dream View by Babak A. Tafreshi
- Go To Outer Space by Babak A. Tafreshi
- Find Galaxies in the Spring Sky by Babak A. Tafreshi
- Starry Flowers by Oshin D. Zakarian
- Hunter Clouds by Oshin D. Zakarian
- Big Dipper and Spring Blossoms by Oshin D. Zakarian
- Fingers of the Earth by Oshin D. Zakarian
- Flash Meteor in the Milky Way by Oshin D. Zakarian
Moonrise above Cyrus Tomb (time-lapse video) by Babak A. Tafreshi
- Startrails above Flowers by Amir H. Abolfath
- Milky Rise by Amir H. Abolfath
- Startrails above Ancient Persia by Amir H. Abolfath
- Snowman Night (time-lapse video) by Amir H. Abolfath
- Winter Sky in Motion (time-lapse video) by Amir H. Abolfath
- Colors of Orion by Amir H. Abolfath
- Moon, Venus, and Tower by Amir H. Abolfath
- Evening View of Tehran by Amir H. Abolfath
- Spring Dream by Babak A. Tafreshi


Sky above Troy by Tunc Tezel
- Moon, Venus, and Trojan Horse by Tunc Tezel
- Roman Remains of Troy by Tunc Tezel
- Moon and Venus above Demre, Antalya by Tunc Tezel
- Milky Way and Zodiacal Light above Mediterranean by Tunc Tezel


- Orion and Sirius above Panauti Temple by Oshin D. Zakarian


Milky Way Against Increasing Lights by Kwon O Chul
- A Celestial Beauty: Moon and Venus by Kwon O Chul
- Korean Fireball by Kwon O Chul
- Planets above Seoul by Kwon O Chul



Guest Gallery is a well-received section on TWAN website to feature selected outstanding Earth and sky photos by non-TWAN creative photographers from around the globe. If you have such remarkable photos to share with TWAN Guest Gallery, please contact us. There are new featured photos on the Guest Gallery:

- Gemini North and the Big Dipper (USA) by Richard Wainscoat
- North Polar Star Trails (Portugal) by Goncalo Lemos
- Messier Marathon 2009 (Iran) by Seyed Hossien Hossieni
- Blue Vltava (Czech) by Robert Slobins
- Very Old Moon (Poland) by Marek Nikodem
- Winter Constellations (Iran) by Khosro JafariZadeh
- Conjunction over Ponce Inlet Light (USA) by Ben Cooper
- Ladder to the Stars (Iran) by Abdolhossein Hashemizadeh
- Southern Stars above San Pedro (Chile) by Sighard Schraebler
- Nepal Star Trails (Nepal) by Jonathan Mitchell
- Stars over Kyangjuma (Nepal) by Stuart Holmes
- Moon over the Inside Passage (USA) by Chip Porter
- Kerman City Light Pollution (Iran) by Mohammad Javad Fahimi
- Milky Way CARMA (USA) by Tony Rowell
- Noctilucent Skies over Poland (Poland) by Marek Nikodem
- Turin Light Pollution (Italy) by Stefano De Rosa
- Mount Adams Wilderness Wildfire (USA) by Larry Andreasen
- Minsk Mazowiecki Night Sky (Poland) by Adam Zieminski
- Night at Kaunos Rock Tombs (Turkey) by Sinan Cate
- Pyramid of Light Pollution (France) by Florent Bailleul
- Moon and Jupiter over Shenzhen (China) by Strongman
- Maryhill Monument Star Trails (USA) by Larry Andreasen
- Stars and Athens Light Pollution (Greece) by Chris Kotsiopoulos
- Evening at Griffith Observatory (USA) by Ali Douraghy
- Watching the Aurora (Norway) by Fredrik Broms
- Painted Hills Sky (USA) by Larry Andreasen
- Costa da Caparica Evening Sky (Portugal) by Miguel Claro
- Summer Stars over Lake Borovik (Croatia) by Vladimir Zivkovic
- Minaret and the Evening Sky (Bangladesh) by Anwar Hussain
- Aurora Streaks over a Glacial Pond (Iceland) by Tony Prower
- Young Moon in the Szubin Sky (Poland) by Marek Nikodem
- Orion and the Alps in Moonlight (Switzerland) by W. Harald
- Dark Skies over the Atacama Desert (Chile) by Sighard Schraebler
- Milky Way, Clouds, and Light Pollution (Poland) by Marek Nikodem
- Moonrise and the Winter Constellations (Iran) by Alireza Vafa
- Green Energy (Norway) by Fredrik Broms
- Camping Under the Milky Way (USA) by Tony Rowell
- Milky Way over Senggigi Beach (Indonesia) by Winston Setiawan



Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD), a NASA’s world-known website, has featured new TWAN photos:

- Iguaçu Starry Night by Babak A. Tafreshi

- Calm, Crescent Moon, and Venus by P-M Heden


TWAN is featuring six special galleries:

Latest Images
Dark Skies Importance
Cosmic Motions
World Heritage Sites
TWAN Podcast


TWAN is a global program of Astronomers Without Borders (www.astrowb.org) and a Special Project of International Year of Astronomy 2009, an initiative by IAU and UNESCO. The World at Night is to produce and present a collection of stunning photographs of the world's most beautiful and historic sites against the nighttime backdrop of stars, planets and celestial events. The eternally peaceful sky looks the same above all symbols of different nations and regions, attesting to the truly unified nature of Earth as a planet rather than an amalgam of human-designated territories.


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